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Spinal Conditions

Most people suffer from neck or back pain during their lifetime and a high percentage of our patients have these types of problems. Conditions may vary from simple lower back or neck pain caused by over strain of the spinal joints, muscles and soft tissue structures, to more problematic disc injuries which can sometimes be associated with referred pain into the limbs, giving arm or leg symptoms. This is commonly referred to as 'slipped disc', 'trapped nerves' or 'sciatica'.

spinal injuries

Spinal conditions can be caused by adverse stresses and strains in work, sport and day to day life or poor postural habits and manual handling techniques. The severity of spinal pain can vary enormously, ranging from mild aching to very acute nerve root pain which can often incapacitate a patient for some time.

Careful management of each condition is required in order to maximise recovery. Thankfully, the vast majority of spinal injuries will recover, given time and the correct conservative treatment / management.

Our Spinal Conditions Treatment Process

The '6D' philosophy is integral to first4physio's clinical pathway and is a key principle
of the care you receive, ensuring maximum benefit from intervention.

Patient books appointment
Detailed history taking & comprehensive assessment
Diagnosis based on history and clinical evaluation
Develop individual treatment plan with objectives & time frames
Deliver treatment and personalised exercise programme
Discuss & advise on prevention of recurrence

spinal injuries

Treatment for spinal conditions will include manual therapy techniques to 'adjust or re-align' joints, discs and soft tissues and treatments to help aid tissue repair and resolve pain and inflammation.

Advice for this type of injury will cover postural correction and revision of manual handling techniques, as well as suggestions on exercises to speed up the recovery process and prevent a re-occurrence of the complaint once healed.

Spinal Conditions
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Physiotherapists assess and treat more whiplash patients than any other health professional.
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