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On-Site and Off-Site Clinics

occupational physiotherapy services

The provision of a fast access to assessment and treatment by experienced, skilled physiotherapists at either an on-site or off-site clinic has proved to be cost effective and beneficial to both employers and employees.

First4physio's Occupational Physiotherapy Clinics (on or off site) provide fast access to:

  • Assessment and Diagnosis

  • Treatment and Rehabilitation

  • Advice and Education for management and employees

  • Return to work programmes

  • Advice on Workplace Restrictions/modifications

On-Site Clinics Benefits

  • Minimal disruption to day to day business

  • Minimises time absent from work of employees attending for treatment

  • Direct and regular communication with management

  • Allows for easy assessment of the workplace to fully understand any concerns of working practice

Off-Site Clinics Benefits

(through referral on an ad hoc basis to our fully equipped facilities on Bricknell Avenue)

  • More suitable for businesses whose size, profile, or working patterns do not justify having an on-site facility

  • No set up costs

  • Flexible appointment times to fit in with shift patterns and rest days

  • Businesses need only access the service as and when required

  • Suitable for employees dispersed over several sites where on site clinic is impractical

  • For low volume of referrals

occupational physiotherapy services

Either setting provides easy to administrate and value for money access to occupational physiotherapy treatment and advice. To minimise inconvenience to employers we will communicate with other Occupational Health Advisers and can facilitate referral to and communicate with other health professions, for example assisting a GP's decision regarding certification and 'fit notes'.


On-Site & Off-Site Clinics
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The expansion and introduction of Occupational Physiotherapy Services is not only in the interests of the individual affected, but also saves employers money and improves productivity!
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